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Curriculum Vitae (printable CV)

Diana McCoy, Ph.D., ABAP

State University of New York at Potsdam, B.A., 1972
University of Tennessee, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, 1977

Licensed Psychologist, State of Tennessee, 1979, #P767

Assessment Psychology #24074

Teaching: Introductory Psychology
University of Tennessee – Knoxville
Fall 1972, winter 1973, spring 1973

Lakeshore Mental Health Institute, Knoxville
Graduate Assistant: Multimodal psychotherapy and psychological assessment
June 1973-June 1974

University of Tennessee Psychological Clinic, Knoxville
Graduate Assistant: Multimodal psychotherapy and psychological assessment
June 1974-June 1975

University of Tennessee Counseling Center, Knoxville
Graduate Assistant: Multimodal psychotherapy and psychological assessment
June 1974-June 1975

Western Missouri Mental Health Center, Kansas City
Internship: Rotations on adult inpatient, crisis, and adolescent inpatient units
September 1975-August 1976

Birth Defects Center, Knoxville
Graduate Assistant: Psychological assessment of infants, children, and adults as well as educational and remedial services
September 1976-June 1977

Child and Family Services, Knoxville
Psychologist: Organized a comprehensive assessment service. In addition to provision of psychotherapy in multiple modalities, led a number of groups, i.e., divorce and parenting, and served as consultant to the Knoxville Women’s Center and American Red Cross, handling psychiatric emergencies which developed within these agencies. Provided several in-service training workshops on topics such as psychological services within the schools and family therapy. Also did a number of community outreach projects, such as a five week parenting group within the city schools and talks to various private groups on special topics. June 1977-November 1979

Behavior Consultants, Knoxville
Psychologist: Psychotherapy and psychological testing with children, adolescents, and adults.

Clinical and Forensic Psychology, Private Practice

American Psychological Society

Knoxville Police Department, 1981 – 1987
Psychological testing of police recruits

Knox County Juvenile Court, 1983 – 1989
Psychological assessment of juveniles involved in all aspects of the juvenile justice system; assessment in cases involving transfer to adult court, termination of parental rights, child custody, child sexual abuse, dependency and neglect, and physical abuse.

Department of Human Services, 1983 – 1984
Training of DHS workers in 13 counties

Enhanced 911, 1986 – 1990
Psychological assessment of personnel

Florence Crittenton Agency, 1988 – 1990
Psychotherapy and psychological assessment of adolescent residents

Overlook Center, Inc.’s Diagnostic & Evaluation Center, 1992 – 1993
Psychological assessment of juvenile status offenders

Agape Group Homes, 1993 – 1995
Individual and group therapy of residents

Peninsula Hospital, 2006-2007
Psychosexual assessments with the ACE program (Adolescent
Court Evaluations)

Knox County Juvenile Court, 2007-
Psychological assessments

Department of Human Services
Two statewide workshops, both involving play therapy with abused children 1983

Knoxville’s Woman’s Center
An all day workshop on within-system conflict management entitled “Work Relationships: Facilitating Job Performance” 1983

Knox County Library
A six week parenting seminar on “Relationships:
Togetherness and Separateness” 1983

Knox County Juvenile Court
Two in-service training sessions, one discussing conduct disorder and the other highlighting distinctions between truancy and school phobia 1986

Roane State Community College
Presentation regarding the psychologist’s role in the legal system 1994

Leadership Knoxville
A presentation to the class of 1994 with Knox County Juvenile Court staff

Knoxville Area Psychological Association
Presentation entitled “The Psychologist as Expert Witness” 1997

American Academy of Forensic Sciences – 49th Annual Meeting Presentation entitled “Ethical Issues for Forensic Psychiatrists and Psychologists Collaborating in Criminal Cases” 1997

Tennessee Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Presentation entitled “Psychological Evidence in Sentencing” 1998

Tennessee Investigators Association
Presentation entitled “Mitigation in Death Penalty Cases” 1999

Blount County Bar Association
Presentation entitled “Psychological Contributions to the Practice of Law, Civil and Criminal” November 1999

Tennessee Bar Association - The Criminal Justice Forum on Domestic Violence Presentation with David Raybin, Esq., entitled “Battered Women Syndrome and Diminished Capacity”
February 2000

University of Tennessee Legal Clinic
Presentation with Gregory P. Isaacs, Esq. "Psychological Issues in Criminal Cases" September 2000

VA Outpatient Field Agents
Presentation entitled “Delayed Onset in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder” February 2002

Campbell County Bar Association
Presentation entitled “How a Psychologist Can Help You With Your Case” February 2002

UT Student Human Resource Officers Association
Presentation entitled “The Human Resource Officer and Workplace Violence” January 2003


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McCoy, Diana. The Psychology of Litigation: Voluntary Intoxication – Experts vs. Legal Issues. For the Defense, June-July, 19, 3, 2004, 9,10,15.

McCoy, Diana. The Psychology of Litigation. On Going to Jail. For the Defense, August-September, 19, 4, 5-6.

McCoy, Diana. The Psychology of Litigation. Learning Disabled orMentally Retarded? Implications for the Rights Waiver.
For the Defense,

October-November, 19, 5, 5 & 12.McCoy, Diana. The Psychology of Litigation. Battered Child Syndrome: “Why Didn’t She Tell?” For the Defense, December 2003-January 2005, 19, 5-6.

McCoy, Diana. Battered Child Syndrome: “Why Didn’t She Tell?” Child Law Practice, January 2006, 24, 11, 174-176.




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(printable CV)

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