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Dr. McCoy’s areas of expertise include all psychological issues pertinent to criminal law including insanity, diminished capacity, competency to make a statement, competency to stand trial, and sentencing. She has worked extensively with child sexual abuse from the perspective of both victim and offender. She has worked in the juvenile court system of Tennessee, having been the staff psychologist for 7 years in one court and involved in high profile juvenile transfer cases in a number of jurisdictions in Tennessee as well as cases involving termination of parental rights. She has performed many court mandated juvenile psychosexual assessments at a psychiatric facility.

Her special areas of interest include litigation involving battered women, bullying, and psychological autopsy.

Other areas of expertise are child custody, contested conservatorship, internet pornography, and personal injury litigation including sexual harassment and employment issues.

Dr. McCoy has testified many times over the years in both criminal and civil cases in state and federal courts in Kentucky, South Carolina, and Tennessee as well as has been involved in cases in Florida, Virginia, Arizona, and Missouri.

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